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 Time for revenge

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PostSubject: Time for revenge   Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:20 pm

Limp Bizkit - Full Nelson hits the arena as the crowd gets on their feet for the Dutch Destroyer who makes his way to the ring with the intense look in his eyes as always*

Ken Comaro: Here he comes, the Dutch Destroyer, I love this guy!
Rhys Trebian: *Sigh* Just another rookie.
Ken Comaro: What do you mean, just another rookie? This guy in his second match, a battle royal, single handedly eliminated 4 guys.
Rhys Trebian: Yes, and then he lost the match.
Ken Comaro: Because of somebody who had no business out there at all. The man he faces tonight, Calixte.
Rhys Trebian: And Calixte will show him and you exactly why he is just another rookie.

Dutch Destroyer gets into the ring and grabs a mic*

Dutch Destroyer: ''Tonight is a very special night ladies and gentlemen, not only is this my first PPV match in IWA, but this is also the night that I finally get my hands on Calixte. The man who cost me a win at the Rookie Battle Royal, my chance of getting in the title picture right away. Now I didn't really knew what his problem was with me, but I think I got a pretty good idea of why he has his focus on me. And Calixte I know you are back there and I know you can hear this. You are afraid that I am going to take your spotlight and become a bigger superstar then that you could have ever dreamed of. You are afraid that a young, fresh, new superstar like me is going to outshine you. You hate the fact that a ''Rookie'' is taking your place. But after tonight, you, the lockerroom and the entire IWA universe will know that a ''Rookie'' took your spot, and is going to grow bigger then you ever did.''

Dutch Destroyer stares right into the camera with a straight look

''Because tonight I am going to destroy you, I will beat you so badly that you will never even be able to set a foot into a squared circle again. Because I'm the Son of Zeuss and after tonight you will know exactly why.''

The crowd cheers loudly and chants: Dutch Destroyer! Dutch Destroyer! Dutch Destroyer!

Rhys Trebian: ''What? The Son of Zeuss, is this guy serious?''
Ken Comaro: ''Intense and intimidating, I can't wait for this match Rhys!''
Rhys Trebian: ''I can't wait for Calixte to show this rookie right where he belongs, at the bottom of the business!''
Ken Comaro: ''Yeah we'll see about that, NEXT!''
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Time for revenge
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