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 Resurrection Time (Hysteric's Pre-Match Promo)

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: Resurrection Time (Hysteric's Pre-Match Promo)   Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:23 am

*The tron lights up facing the toned back of a Superstar. He stands in a dark room with a lone single light bulb hanging from a long string above him. The light flickers a bit as the camera pans moving upward where it meets the back of the Superstars head showing his long dark black hair tied up in a bun behind his head. The fans cheer loudly as they realize it's The Hysteric. He moves his head from side to side stretching his neck before he turns around slowly in the strobing light. A new style of paint is seen scrawled across his face as the light flashes. He looks deeply into the camera as his Crazies scream for him. There is a series of 6's across his forehead in black paint as he stares into the camera*

The Hysteric: "Michael Sheen...."

*The Hysteric laughs as his eyes roll back into his head creepily*

The Hysteric: "You claim to be Earth's only Demon hailing straight from the depths of hell... but Michael Sheen, The Hysteric has been to hell. He has been burned alive and buried alive. The Hysteric has been laid to rest on many occasions being sent back to hell again, and again and each time, there is no vacancy for a true monster like me."

*The lights flicker as The Hysteric laughs cackling manically*

The Hysteric: "If you were truly from the depths of hell Michael, The Hysteric would have met you there!"

*As The Hysteric shouts the light flickers strongly revealing a group of cloaked people of all different sizes standing behind The Hysteric and at his flanks. As the light flickers going back out the room goes black only to have the light flicker again showing only The Hysteric again*

Ken Comaro: "What in the world, tell me I'm not crazy partner!"
Rhys Trebian: "Not if you seen what I just saw..."

*The Hysteric cocks his head to the side like a cat and looks in closer to the camera. He blinks staring into the camera as his eyes change upon reopening. They take a form similar to a snakes. The fans in the arena begin to chant and cheer wildly*

The Hysteric: "You wanted this side of The Hysteric, you begged and you pleaded for this. Tonight you get your wish Sheen."

*The Hysteric laughs demonically as the light flickers, again showing the cloaked figures behind him all ranging in size. The Hysteric doesn't budge in the slightest the cloaked figures reach out for him. The disappear as lights flicker again*

The Hysteric: "You say there ain't not rest for the Wicked, but The Hysteric doesn't sleep. Tonight, at The Hysteric's hands and The Hysteric's hands alone, you close your eyes for good."

*The lights flicker as The Hysteric completely vanishes leaving only his cackling laughter echoing about the stadium as the tron flashes showing the cloaked figures overwhelming the camera until it turns into fuzz and the tron shuts off leaving the arena in silence before The Hysteric's crazies cheer thunderously*

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Resurrection Time (Hysteric's Pre-Match Promo)
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