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 Ready for More Gold

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Ready for More Gold   Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:03 pm

*The TitanTron lights up showing IWA interviewer, Summer Knight, standing backstage with a microphone in hand*

Summer Knight: "Hello IWA Universe! I'm standing here with one man who is scheduled to compete for the Unified Termination Championship tonight... LOGAN ACID!"

*The audience can be heard booing as the camera pans out to reveal Logan Acid standing next to Summer Knight in his ring gear*

Summer Knight: "Logan. tonight you face VIP for the VACANT Unified Termination Championship, your thoughts? Do you have a game plan?"

*Logan smiles as Summer Knight raises the microphone to his lips*

Logan Acid: "Game plan? My game pan is still the same! I'm going to go out there, give VIP the beating of his LIFE, and then TAKE the Unified Termination Championship to the League of Legends! VIP thinks he's so great because he has Ravaging Ron by his side, but the truth is... neither of them would be GREAT enough to lace my boots! Tonight, VIP will realize what it's like to not have ANY back-up, and he'll also realize that you should ALWAYS... RESPECT THE BEST!"

*Logan smiles as the camera pans out even more to show Mick Malone, Logan's manager, smiling next to Logan as he & Logan exit the scene*

Ken Comaro: "What did he mean when he said VIP won't have ANY back-up?"

Rhys Trebian: "I don't know, Ken, but I DO know that I wouldn't want to be Ron right now!"
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Ready for More Gold
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