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 Cory Atlas Speaks

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PostSubject: Cory Atlas Speaks   Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:09 am

*Backstage Sarah Lane is talking with her camera crew when she notices something odd about a passing by Cory Atlas. He walks by confidently taking a drink of his water bottle. She watches him walk for a moment lost in fascination before she jumps up chasing him*

Sarah Lane: "Excuse me!"

*Cory walks a few more paces ignoring the calls of the eager interviewer as she presses on*

Sarah Lane: "Youre The British Lightning!"

*Cory Atlas stops dead in his tracks and turns around with a huge grin across his face.
Sarah Lane approaches him slowly smiling*

Sarah Lane: "I knew I recognized you, weve never had the chance to meet face to face during your time here but now that we I see it with my own eyes there no denying that Im face to face with "The British Lightning" a multiple time Great Britain Amateur Pro Wrestling Tourney Winner and one of the best Technically sound wrestlers on that side of the Atlantic Coast, maybe even the world."

*Sarah pauses for a second before smiling and looking into Corys eyes deeply as she touches his arm*

Sarah Lane: "Im uhh.. Im a huge fan Sir Atlas."

*Cory Atlas smiles and runs his hand through his short layered hair*

Cory Atlas: "Please Miss Lane, you may call me Rook and I am quite honored to be able to count you as a ture fan here amongst people ignorant to my real identity. Other than my mentor, The Hysteric you're the only one who has taken notice to my great achievements and success in my home country of Great Britain."

*He pauses and looks Sarah Lane up and down before grinning very confidently*

Cory Atlas: "No matter though, the time yet rises for The British Lightning to showcase his magnificence and natural born ability for all of the IWA to see, fans and superstars alike. This Federation is no different than any other The British Lightning has graced with his presence before. It is always the same, you have some disrespectful young guns trying to make a name for themselves by attacking innocent staff members or unaware champions. You have undeserving people rudely demanding matches bothering the GM for other special treatment they havent earned. Then theres the paperweight Champions who have in no way eanred the gold they so willingly carry to the ring day in and day out claiming to be "The Next Big Thing"
Well I have news for every one of the liars, cheaters, & bullies standing around backstage, Ive seen "The Next Big Thing" and let me educate you on the subject, You are not it, as a matter of fact you're looking at The Next Big Thing as we speak. I see the same cheaters week after week, season after season with a thread of a career left, a career thats very quickly headed down the drain and theyre hanging on, hanging on for what? One... Last... Shot... at the brass ring? Ill save you the trouble guys, go home and watch as I do what you couldnt do because I'm The British Lightning and I... Can Do It Better!"

*The fans cheer as Cory speaks nothing but truth. Sarah Lane smiles widely at the use of Cory Atlas's catchphrase. Cory turns and walks away as the tron cuts to the next segment*

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Cory Atlas Speaks
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