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 The Rave's Time

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PostSubject: The Rave's Time   Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:12 am

*The camera points to backstage arena where Sarah Lane is standing with The Rave*

Sarah Lane: "Hello everyone, now I'm with The Rave. So Rave how are you today?"

The Rave: "Great Sarah, you know it's pay-per-view you can feel nothing but great about it."

Sarah Lane: "Amazing, we all know you'll be competing for the Extreme Division Championship tonight against Perry Jenkins. Are you preparing for this?"

The Rave: "Err yes Sarah, I've been off the ring for over a month and I'll be back to compete for the title. That's brilliant feeling. If you wanted to know how my preparation went, I'll tell you. I did exercise over 5 hours a day, go to gym, relax my mind. That's all I did for the whole week. And now I'm so relaxed and I believe I could get the best out of me. I'm pumped for this."

Sarah Lane: "And Rave, not gonna doubt your chance, but what if you lost? Become Alana's assistant again?"

The Rave: "What if I lost? Nice one Sarah, you know I haven't decided yet, but one thing is clear. I'll wrestle more and more."

Sarah Lane: "Wow that was cool Rave. So back to the match, how do you rate your chance?"

The Rave: "My chance? Sarah, Perry is pretty good one. If you think you can beat him, well maybe you were wrong. To face Perry, I think the chance is 40:60. It depends on the condition. It's extreme, and there will be no disqualification, no count out. What if Ron and Muttley came out and attack me? What if Perry manipulated the match? Well you will never know that Sarah. But I can promise you one thing, I'll fight till I cant even walk, I'll fight until nothing left of me. I'll fight and defeat Perry and become the new Extreme Division Championship."

*The Rave pauses for a moment then continues*

The Rave: "Perry you made this one happen, so I will make you regret your future."

*The Rave hands the microphone to Sarah and heads to the ring*

Sarah Lane: "Ladies and gentleman, The Rave."

*The camera fades to the ringside*
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The Rave's Time
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