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 Hysteric vs Dominator (Hysteric Wins - After Match)

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: Hysteric vs Dominator (Hysteric Wins - After Match)   Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:39 pm

Ken Comaro: "I cant believe he did it, Once again The Hysteric proves that he is Champion for a reason."

Rhys Tresbian: "He is Ken, and tonight he solidified himself as a true Champion. He faced a greater force head on and won using nothing but his own iron will... and a 20 foot steel cage."

*Savior by Rise Against hits and the arena explodes as a very badly bloodied Hysteric uses the ropes to climb to his feet. He stumbles sideways into the turnbuckle barely holding himself up. The refs unlock the steel cage and climb inside to aid The Hysteric. Doctor Dominator slowly climbs t his feet using the cage as a crutch. The Hysteric p[ushes the refs away as he stumbles with his title toward an unaware Doctor Dominator*

Ken Comaro: "I dont like this at all Rhys, Hes won the match theres no need for this..."

Rhys Tresbian: "As the Champion he is entitled to inform every person backstage what he brings to the table and what it really means to step into that ring with him..."

*The Hysteric stumbles leaning onto the cage next to Doctor Dominator. He spins the groggyed Doctor Dominator around as he comes face to bloodied face with him. They both stare at each other for a moment before The Hysteric extends his hand*

Ken Comaro: "Never thought I'd see the day..."

Rhys Tresbian: "A chace to shake the Champions hand? He had better take it."

*Doctor Dominator pushes the Hysterics hand down and looks away in anger and defeat. The Hysteric spins him back and shouts at him blood flinging from his busted lip*

Hysteric: "Be a man!"

*The Hysteric wipes his bloody face with his hand and extends it again.
Dominator grins and wipes his blood from his face into his hand and extends it shaking The Hysterics hand
both mens blood sealing the handshake*

Rhys Tresbian: "Thats one helluva way to shake hands Ken."

Ken Comaro: "Its called mutual respect Rhys, they went through hell and back.. together."

*The Hysteric exits the cage and walks up to the top of the ramp where he stands holding his International Championship high in the air. He leaves to a standing ovation*

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Hysteric vs Dominator (Hysteric Wins - After Match)
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