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 Pre Match Interview

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: Pre Match Interview   Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:11 pm

*Down at ringside the fans are cheering loudly as the lights dim and the 20 foot steel cage is being lowered onto the ring as the arena is set up for the International Championship match up next. Ken Comaro and Rhys Tresbian are on commentary*

Ken Comaro: "And up next is the much anticipated Last Man Standing match for the coveted International Championship."

Rhys Tresbian: "And that match will take place inside of the hellacious and brutal steel structure you see before you."

*A clip is aired of the events leading up to the next match. As the clip ends the tron fades to a view of the backstage where The Hysteric is standing with Sarah Lane calmly holding his International Championship on his shoulder*

Sarah Lane: "Ready when you are.."

*The Hysteric adjusts his belt and grabs the mic from Sarah Lanes hands*

Hysteric: "In a few minutes time not only will The Hysteric make history by being part of one of the most gruesome matches in IWA history he will accomplish a feat everyone though was impossible. The Hysteric will be locked in a 20 foot steel stucture, his own devils playground with a monster of a man, the psycho one, Doctor Dominator, But you see no one has looked at what He himself will be steping into the cage with, what HE willl be locked in hel;l with, he will face off one on one against the Savior of IWA, the Clinically Unstable Force, the Two Time International Champion and the winner of the one and only Rising Star Tournament. I've done everything there is to do here in the Midcard and tonight I will solidify my legacy by not only competing but being victorious in defenind my beloved international Championship. This is the last rung on The Hysterics ladder before its time to start climbing a newer and much larger ladder... but thats neither here nor there, what The Hysteric is getting at, is Doctor Dominator.. you're just another rung on the ladder on The Hysterics journey, his inevitable journey to ultimately reaching the coveted Brass Ring. One day The Hysteric will be the World Heavyweight Champion... That has a ring to it doesnt it? Youuuuuur Heavyweight Champioooooon of the Wooooorrrllld, The Hysteric!"

*The Hysteric laughs sinisterly before howling loudly and grabbing the mic back again*

Hysteric: "You know why I can do this Sarah?"

Sarah Lane: "I don.."

Hysteric: "Because I am The Hysteric! and I... Am That Damn Good!"

*Savior by Rise Against hits as The Hysteric heads for the curtain*
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Pre Match Interview
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