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 Backstage with The Revolution (1st rp)

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Backstage with The Revolution (1st rp)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:08 pm

Camera fades to Ron and Muttley
talking in the locker room while
Perry Jenkins paces back-and-forth

Muttley: "We just gotta keep our cool Ron, we may have had a set back at the PPV but its a new season and this is out season."

Ron: "Mutt, I want those titles. The Mexican Hurricane got lucky. This is our time, this is our season and those Global Tag Team Championship is ours."

Muttley: "You couldn't be more correct about that Ron, with the help of our leader, anything is possible."

Perry stops pacing and looks at
Ron and Muttley
Perry puts his hands on Ron and Muttley's
shoulder and give them a sad look

Perry: " see ya boys out in the ring..."

Perry walks out of the locker room
Ron and Muttley look at each other

- IWA World Heavyweight Champion
- x1 Xtreme Division Champion
- x1 Superstar of the Season
- x2 Feud of the Season Award winner
- x2 Most Loved Superstar Award winner
- Former Leader of The Revolution
- Owner of Laura Brand, Ravaging Ron and Cameron Needs
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Backstage with The Revolution (1st rp)
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