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 Champ to Champ (First Show - RP 4)

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: Champ to Champ (First Show - RP 4)   Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:11 am

Sarah Lane: "Introducing at this time...Mrrrrrrrrr.Mexico!"

*Mr.Mexico zipwires down from the roof to huge cheers and screams from the crowd*

Mr.Mexico: "Well guys, what can i say? My return could not have gone any better that's what!!"

*The crowd cheer and rise up a chant*

Crowd: "What a Return! What a Return!"

Mr.Mexico: "I stand here before you all as one half of the Greatest Tag Team in the Woooorld!!, The Mexican Hurricanes."

*The Crowd start to chant again*

Crowd: "You beat The Fury!! You beat The Fury!!"

Mr.Mexico: "And now im getting a chance to fight the Hysterical one, the International Champion!"

*The crowd give a mixed reactions for the mention of The Hysteric*

Mr.Mexico: "Well the main reason i came out here apart from my match is to thank every single one of you for the best god Damn return i have ever had!!! Now without further ado lets get our 2013 Started!"

*Mr.Mexico gives a smirk as he waits for Hysteric.
After a moment the arena explodes with a mix of reactions as Savior by Rise Against hits and
echoes around the arena as The International Champion makes his first appearance of the night approaching
the ring to meet one half of the tag team champions, Mr Mexico. The Hysteric is followed by Cory Atlas who
is holding The International Championship upon his shoulder. He smiles cockily out to the booing fans and
continues his strut to the ring alongside The Hysteric.
The Hysteric grins widely with his paint smeared face as Cory Atlas
adjusts the title. Corbin enters the ring with Cory quickly behind him.
The music dies out and the arena quiets to a hush as The Hysteric approaches Sarah Lane
and Mr. Mexico. The Hysteric cocks his head to the side and grins a very
crooked smile before leaning close to the microphone in Sarah Lanes hand*

"The Hysteric: "The first ever Termination Champion..."

*The crowds cheers thunderously shaking the arena as they begin to chant his name*

Crowd: "MEX-I-CO!! MEX-I-CO!! MEX-I-CO!!"

*The Hysteric snatches the Mic from Sarah Lane and puts it to his lips*

The Hysteric: "SeƱor Mexico, It seems our roads will finally at long last cross.
Over two long and illustrious careers never before have two of the best clashed
like we have the opportunity to do here tonight, and Fate would have it no other way.
To be honest The Hysteric has longed for this day, for there is no other competitor
here in the bizz who has as close of a style as The Hysteric does and has had shared such
great fortune and success during their time here. Lets face it, along side Romulus, You and I
have left an irreplaceable stain on the history of the IWA, and a very large one at that.
While The Hysteric was off winning The Rising Star Tournament to go on to win his first of two
International Championships you were beside winning the Global Tag Team Championships followed by
the Termination Championship a season later. It had seemed as if you would always be one step ahead
of The Hysteric when we both suffered the embarrassment of holding a Title for only one night,
Yours being vacated out from underneath you and mine taken from a Cash In of the CITC."
It would appear to most the we would be a flash in the pan, A distant memory in IWA...."

*The Hysteric twirls the mic in his hand and smiles as Cory Atlas slowly stalks behind
Mr Mexico before continuing*

The Hysteric: "However....."

*He grins wickedly and walks around for a moment teasing the fans. Meanwhile Mr. Mexico
glances back noticing Cory Atlas as he takes a step back and readjusts the International
Championship. Sarah Lane stands waiting for The Hysteric to finish, mic in hand.
After a moment The Hysteric turns back, this time a fierce gaze in his fiery eyes.
His eyes are cold and dead yet full of life at the same time. His anger and jealousy blazes wildly
he takes control of the mic locking eyes with Mr. Mexico*

The Hysteric: "That was not to be, we would not have that as we rose again and again
and here we stand alast. You, The New two time Global Tag Team Champion and I the defending
and longest reigning International Champion IWA has yet to see. Need I say more to present this match
as much more than just that, another match on the card. For it is the final score to settle.
You see as much as The Hysteric has envyed Mr Mexico and his success The Hysteric has always
been a fan of the luchador style you have brought with you when you signed to IWA
4 seasons ago. However, The Hysteric has something to prove and at last Tonight the world will
find out who IWA's greatest risk taking high flyer truly is. No longer will The Hysteric
live under the shadow cast by Mr Mexico. Tonight the millions..."


The Hysteric: "Of IWA fans will witness history as two titans clash and only one sole
Champion walks away the Victor for all to see and believe The Hysteric when he says, He intends to do just that."

*The Hysteric extends his hand and stares coldly into the pure eyes of Mr Mexico
as he awaits a response while the fans cheers echo around from outside the curtain
Sarah Lane stands baffled by The Hysterics rage and pent up jealousy in his response
Mr.Mexico stares at the Hysteric slightly bemused by his reaction, but slowly extends his hand to the Hysteric

Mr.Mexico: "See you tonight."

Crowd: "It is Epic, It is Epic."

*The Hysteric Keeps his gaze on Mr.Mexico as Mexico slowly leaves the ring to the back, quickly glancing a look at Cory Atlas before leaving, leaving The Hysteric and Cory in the ring*

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-IWA Superstar (2012-Present)
-2x IWA International Champion
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-Owns Rex, Surge, Gunner, Chaos Dimention & Cory Atlas

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Champ to Champ (First Show - RP 4)
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