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 Hunting with the Kid

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PostSubject: Hunting with the Kid   Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:21 am

*We go to a shot of Kid A in a kitchen area of the arena. He is working over something on a table with a knife and we hear cutting and scrunching sounds. He reaches down and turns what he's working on over and for a second we see he is dressing and skinning a deer. Baby B walks in and stops suddenly. Kid A turns around holding up his bloodied arms and grins at her.*

Baby B: "I've been looking all over. What are you doing?"

Kid A: "Preparing dinner."

Baby B: "Why now? Why here?"

Kid A: "Where else? I ain't riskin' tearin' the gall bladder in the RV."

*He points to a bucket where the organs are and Baby B makes a face.*

Kid A: "Heh, you shoulda seen the guy's face when I tried to get this in but I got it through. You reckon the chef will prepare a piece for later? I would just burn it up myself but you say we can get stuff done for us now and what not."

Baby B: "Yeah... speaking of getting stuff done. Your match?"

Kid A: "Don't worry, I know. This is how I'm preparin. It helps me calm down so I can stay in the zone. Mission 'Destroy Stew's Son' again should be a good warm up. You would hope Stew's son is more prepared this time cause I am so ready. I almost lost it during the break with no way to relieve the stress but this huntin' helped."

Baby B: "Now I need you to hunt something else."

Kid A: "Well now you're in your element. You can help me bring my hunt here. If you remember we have some unfinished business."

Baby B: "Oh you didn't let me forget about that. Just focus on Stewson tonight. He should have learned something from last time but who knows? Anyway, I was thinking about something else, Kid."

Kid A: "Like what?"

Baby B: "Like maybe we should start making some connections with the others."

Kid A: "What kinda connections? We've been doin' just fine like this."

Baby B: "I know... but we haven't found anything out about Pa. And I know some-"

*Kid A stabs the knife into the table and gives her all his attention.*

Kid A: "That will come when I get my profile up some more. I was thinkin' the info would just fall on our laps when the spotlight's on us. I'm aimin' for one of 'em Title Belts. That should be easy once I remove a few roadblocks and then we will know if he cares enough to seek us out. Now I just have to rise up the ladder and shout out our name from the top of the dang mountain. It will come with time."

Baby B: "I was just thinking of being proactive first. And besides that having a friend in the company wouldn't hurt you in the ring either. Especially when trying to claw your way to a Title.

Kid A: "I ain't ready to get involved in no one else's mess and would like it if people kept their noses out of ours. I don't really work well with others when I fight. I hunt alone. Heck, the only connections I ever intended to make was my fists connectin' with someone's jaw and then makin' their body connect with the ground when I show them Sympathy. It's us versus the world, BB Gun. That's the way that's good for us and I don't see the reason to change."

*Baby B shrugs and Kid A smears some of the deer blood on her nose as she playfully tries to smack his hand away.*

Kid A: "Trust me, we just keep to ourselves and focus on rising to the top. I want no detours or distractions. You see any comin' and I'll take care of 'em by force. I'll be done here in a second then we'll go.

*The shot cuts out as Baby B watches Kid A begin to butcher the meat.*
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting with the Kid   Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:33 am

Great, as usual.

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Hunting with the Kid
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