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 Hysteric's Nest - Ratchet Reborn (First Show - RP 6)

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PostSubject: Hysteric's Nest - Ratchet Reborn (First Show - RP 6)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:54 pm

*Back in Doctor Dominators locker room more buzzing and grinding can be heard along with manical laughs and hoots.
The cameraman gulps and steps in cautiously. He jumps but holds his mouth as Daniel Mayers rides past on his tricycle no noticing him.
After Daniel disappears from view the cameraman continues deeper into the locker room. Doctor Dominator can be heard talking to himself from the other room*

Doctor Dominator: "The brain cells seem to be colagerating quickly and successively. This will be my greatest moment, Hahahaaaa."

*The cameraman turns the corner and looks inside. Doctor Dominator is seen hunched over the same stretcher as earlier with red substance splattered all over himself and the floor. The cameraman bumbs the door and a creak echoes about the room. Doctor Dominator turns his head wildly and lock eyes with the startles cameraman. Doctor Dominator quickly covers the stretcher with the red stained sheet and shouts at the cameraman as he moves in towards him*

Doctor Dominator: "What are you doing in here?! They sent you didnt they?! I'll have your head for this!"

*The cameraman backs out the doorway but is stopped as he backs up into something, He turns back to see Daniel Mayers grinning an open mouthed grin with drool hanging from his frightening face*

Daniel Mayers: "Your heeeeaaaaaad..."

*Daniel stalks closer evily pushing the cameraman back until he is in between him and the Doctor as the cameraman stutters for a response*

Doctor Dominator: "You've ruined everything! He's not ready yet!"

*Daniel Mayers chomps his teeth at the cameraman who huddles down cowering before the two large superstars*

Daniel Mayers: "Noooooot Reeaaaaddddyyyyyyy..."

*Suddenly the stretcher begins to shake and the Doctor turns his attention as he runs to it's side. Loud muffled moans can be heard as the stretcher rocks uncontrollably. The cameraman crawls over to a corner as Daniel Mayers peers his head over Dominators shoulder curiously. The stretcher stops and Daniel Mayers leans in real close to examine it. It jumps once more startling the clown who howls like a dog being kicked and runs to the far side of the room*

Doctor Dominator: "It. Is... ALLIIIIIVEEEE!!!"

*The object under the sheet moves sitting upward on the stretcher. The sheet slowly falls from the figure revealing something so startling the cameraman cant believe his eyes. A much different Ratchet sits upon the stretcher covered in splotches of blood. He has the blankest stare on his face as he looks out to the wall. A familiar voice can be heard from the shadows as a man steps out, a gold championship belt glistening in the light on his shoulder. The Hysteric stands slowly clapping his hands together as he approaches the table*

The Hysteric: "Indeed this is a great day for The Nest, alast the final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. This is but a finish to a much grander scheme. It begins here my friends, take not and look about. These men that stand before you, you will come to know as your brothers. You will fight alongside them, you will fight them, you will bleed with them, you will sweat with them and believe me when i say you will cry with them. For tears of joy are the greatest tears of all my Nest. The Hysteric has spoken."

*They all nod in accordance as The Hysteric returns to the shadows. As The Hysteric disappears Daniel Mayers grins and pulls out a large balloon. He blows it up, ties it and hands it to Ratchet who doesnt grab it letting it float to the ceiling. Daniel frowns and then smiles evily turning his gaze on the frightened cameraman, who is sitting shaking in a corner*

Daniel Mayers: "Hiiiis heeaaaaaaadd..."

*Doctor Dominator smiles and nods*

Doctor Dominator: "Let's find out how well i have done in this masterful reincarnation of the one known as Ratchet.
Doctor Says..."

*At the sound of ''Doctor Says'' Ratchets eyes light up and an automated voice is heard inside Ratchets skull*

Ratchets Mind Control: "Voice key recognized, Mission Status, Neutral. Awaiting Orders."

*Ratchet no longer looks about mindlessly. He turns locking eyes with Doctor Dominator who grins back and laughs a very manical laugh losing control of himself*

Doctor Dominator: "Mission log, date January 13th, 2013. Doctor Says, Eliminate threat. Proceeding Mission Eliminate Threat, revert to auto pilot status, Doctor Out."

*Ratchet nods and turns his gaze upon the weary Cameraman. He stands and walks towards the cameraman angrily with a fire in his unhuman like eyes. Loud screams can be heard as the camera cuts back to the commentary table where Rhys Tresbian and Ken Comaro are in pure shock*

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Hysteric's Nest - Ratchet Reborn (First Show - RP 6)
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