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 Plans For Muttley (01/20/13 - RP 3)

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: Plans For Muttley (01/20/13 - RP 3)   Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:48 am

*Backstage Sarah Lane is standing in the dim lit rafters with the International Champion, The Hysteric*

Sarah Lane: "Ladies & Gentlemen i'm standing here with your longest reigning International Champion, The Hysteric."

*The Hysteric smiles and snaps his fingers. The rest of The Nest members emerge from the shadows with crazed looks on their faces. He snaps again and they all return to the shadows. Sarah Lane looks a little startled but takes a deep breath and puts the mics to her lips slowly*

Sarah Lane: "And the members of his personal coven known as The Nest. Hysteric, former Revolution member and one half of the Brothers of Fury Titus Alexius Muttley recently made some strong allegations towards you being all but hostile. How do you feel about this and what kind of action will be taken up against Muttley?"

The Hysteric: "Oh riiight, the angry shoe shiner from this morning. Yeah I remember that kid. Well let me tell you this Sarah Lane, The Hysteric isn't too worried about hollow threats from a nobody like Alexis. The Hysteric has bigger fish to fry, like the Mexican Hurricanes. He also has a Danger Zone he needs to be preparing for yet here you stand asking questions that you already know the answers to."

*Sarah Lane ponders for a moment before taking a different approach with The Hysteric. She grins devilishly and rubs his arm*

Sarah Lane: "But Hysteric, you are the International Champion and though right now it may seem like such a small and seemingly meaningless outburst by an ignorant nobody but what happens if others take notice to you letting such arrogance slide causing everyone to believe they are able to walk on IWA's International Champion? Actions like those made by Titus Alexius Muttley should not go unpunished. You have a Nest to run and you-"

*The Hysteric turns away cutting Sarah Lane off as he disappears into the shadows. He's heard whispering to himself as Sarah Lane stands confused as the tron fades to away*

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Plans For Muttley (01/20/13 - RP 3)
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