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 Making things clear

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Making things clear    Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:12 pm

(OOC: this is just before my match, after my entance and before The Legend get in the ring)

*El Boaro asks for a mic, while the crowd is cheering loudly for him*

Ken Comaro: "It seems like this rookie has conquered some fans out here"

Rhys Trebian: "And now he has something to say. Let's hear it!"

El Boaro: "Before this match, I would like to say something about my first weeks around here. I'm not going to complain about my loss against Swagger D.. That was a fluke because I've been in control all the match, but I've made a mistake and Swagger capitalized it, earning his fair victory. But as long as someone seems to have some memory problems, alongside with other mental issue, I asked the guys back there to recover some footage about my first match here in IWA"

*The titantron shows some image from the tag team match of El Boaro and The legend vs. Swagger D and Sharkey Jaws
*The Legend keeps his rippin submission hold, but all of a sudden Swagger D is being seen
entering the ring and kicking The Legend in the head forcing him to let go of Sharkey Jaws.
El Boaro is being seen entering the ring as he spears Swagger D in the mid-section while the referee distracted,
Sharkey Jaws does a devastating low blow to The Legend.
The Legend falls to his knees as Sharkey Jaws takes advantage and does a strong super kick
hitting The Legend in the chin causing him to fall to the ground. Sharkey Jaws pins The Legend.*

Ken Comaro: "Wait this can't be happening! Sharkey Jaws did a illegal move to The Legend
and the referee didn't see anything. This can't end like this!"

Rhys Trebian: "Well all if fair in love and war. The Legend may want to see a doctor though to make sure
he will be able to reproduce kids in the near future. After that low blow i sincerely doubt it."

Referee starts counting

EL BOARO enters the ring hitting Sharkey Jaws and interrupting the 3 count while the referee is distracted!!

Ken Comaro: "Now El Boaro came to the save by stopping the 3 count!"

*Swagger D enters the ring and does a drop kick hitting El Boaro in the face causing him to stumble outside the ring.
The referee tries to get Swagger D out of the ring, while Sharkey Jaws lifts up The Legend and is about to do
another super kick to The Legend, but The Legend dodges it by moving the side and Sharkey Jaws accidentally
knocks out the referee. The Legend takes advantage of the situation by pushing Sharkey Jaws toward Swagger D
who bumps him outside of the ring by mistake*

Rhys Trebian: "The referee is down and so are Swagger D and El Boaro.
The Legend and Sharkey Jaws are the only ones standing, but for how long? Both men seem to be exhausted!"

The Legend grabs Sharkey Jaws from behind hooking him by the arms sliding him across
his back while falling performing a light Backslide Pin

Ken Comaro: "The Legend has the pin, but the referee is knocked out!"

*After a few seconds past by Sharkey Jaws finally manages to kick out from the pin.
The Legend rises up as he kicks Sharkey Jaws in the face forcing him to stay on the mat.
The Legend heads toward the referee as he starts to shake him attempting to wake him up,
but the referee doesn't make any sudden movement. The Legend turns around Sharkey Jaws karate
kicks The Legend, but The Legend blocks the move by grabbing his foot.
The Legend pushes Sharkey Jaws foot as Sharkey Jaws falls back to the mat as The Legend starts to
stomp him down. Swagger D enters the ring as Swagger D starts to throw some blows at The Legend who
attempts to block some of them, but some of the blows start to land
El Boaro slides in to the ring with a steel chair as he strikes Swagger D in the back.
Swagger D falls to the ground as Sharkey Jaws super kicks El Boaro causing the steel chair to hit El Boaro
in the face who falls out of the ring. The Legend grabs Sharkey Jaws from behind the waist
and German Suplexes him out of the ring. The Legend flips Swagger D over and pins him.*

The referee starts to wake up as he starts to count slowly.
Referee starts counting

El Boaro: "This should refresh your memory, Legend. How can you possibly say that I was standing in the corner doing nothing, You've been pinned by Sharkey if it wasn't for me. I took out Swagger, so that you could have the victory. You can't mystify the truth, and you can't deny that you were going to lose your match last week, if it wasn't for Swagger D interference."

*The crowd starts chanting "Legend sucks", as El Boaro finishes his speech*

El Boaro: "Now that we all know what truly happened, we can end this thing!"

*El Boaro drops the mic and waits for his opponent*
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PostSubject: Re: Making things clear    Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:33 pm

The Legend is being seen making his way down the ring as he starts to clap a little. The fans start to boo as The Legend slides in to the ring as he grabs the microphone away from El Boaro.
The Legend: I like how you only showed part of the clip, well wait never mind since that was the only part that you were in the match. You said that Swagger D fluked a win against you, well I say it wasn't a fluke. You may have been in control during the match, but you failed where it all matters the most. The ending of the match. You may have the fans thinking that you are a fan favorite, but to me you will always be a coward.
The fans start to boo at The Legend.
The Legend: Unlike you I could give less of a (censored) about what the fans think about me. What matters is what I think of myself and to be honest I think wait let me rephrase that I know that by the end our match you will be laying in the mat while I walk out as the winner.
The Legend drops the microphone. The match starts.
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Making things clear
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