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 The World Champ looks for Sean Pain (Closed RP) - RP 2

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PostSubject: The World Champ looks for Sean Pain (Closed RP) - RP 2   Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:02 am

*The cameras cut backstage where Romulus can be seen walking down the hallways looking for Sean Pain and shouting out his name. He walks past two of the backstage crew members and asks them if they have seen him*

Romulus: "Hey guys, listen, im looking for Sean Pain, either of you two seen him?"

Crew Member 1: "Sorry Romulus, havnt seen him."

Crew Member 2: "Yeah sorry champ, cant say that i have seen him either."

*Romulus looks at them for a second before walking off, continuing off up the hallway until he spots an IWA superstar coming out of the locker room*

Romulus: "Yo Ratchet, wait up."

*Ratchet turns around as Romulus walks over*

Romulus: "Im looking for Sean Pain, was he in the locker room?"

Ratchet: "Nope."

*Ratchet turns around and is about to walk away but is stopped by Romulus as he puts his hand on his shoulder. Ratchet looks at Romulus's hand on his shoulder and then looks back at Romulus who takes it away*

Romulus: "Easy tiger, im just asking if you've seen him."

Ratchet: "Like i said, i havnt seen him."

*Ratchet turns around and walks off down the hallway leaving Romulus*

Romulus: "Thanks for your help.... freak."

*He walks off in the other direction continuing his search as the cameras fade out*

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The World Champ looks for Sean Pain (Closed RP) - RP 2
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