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 The World Champ still looking for Sean Pain (Closed RP) - RP 3

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PostSubject: The World Champ still looking for Sean Pain (Closed RP) - RP 3   Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:36 am

*The cameras once again cut to the backstage area where IWA World Heavyweight Champion Romulus can be seen walking around still searching for Sean Pain.*

Romulus: "Sean.... Sean!!!! You can hide all you want.... im going to find you one way or another."

*He see approaches one of the dinner ladies who is coming away from topping up the buffet*

Romulus: "Excuse me love, you havnt seen Sean Pain around here have you?"

*She shakes her head*

Dinner Lady: "I'm sorry dear, i have not seen him."

Romulus: "Thats ok love, thanks anyway.... if you do see him though.... tell him that i'm looking for him."

*He then spots someone over by the catering table and goes over.*

Romulus: "Hey, have you seen Sean Pain at all? I've been looking for him all night."

*The wrestler turns and looks Romulus up and down*

Xenon LX: "Even if i had seen him, why would i want to tell you?"

Romulus: "Look Xenon, i got no problem with you, i just want to know if you have seen Sean around tonight at all?"

*Xenon thinks about it and then replies*

Xenon LX: "I might have seen him earlier hanging around the car park. Now get out of my face."

*The champ looks Xenon right in the eye and smiles before slowly backing up a little*

Romulus: "Okay mate, calm down.... i mean whats with everyone tonight? Thanks for your help big guy."

*Romulus turns away and walks off still looking for Sean as the cameras fade out*

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The World Champ still looking for Sean Pain (Closed RP) - RP 3
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