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 Regaining Focus

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PostSubject: Regaining Focus   Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:25 pm

*We go backstage where the camera is following a loud banging noise. We turn the corner and see Kid A punching and kicking at a vending machine as his sister looks on with her arms crossed.*

Kid A: "That's why you felt like sneakin' around. Cause you know what I think."

Baby B: "The only grief I'm getting is from you so that explains why. I told you already he's only helping me. Helping us. He's Pa's kind of guy so I figured he would know some things."

Kid A: "We don't need help from his kind. Besides, what's in it for him? And don't be naive, Baby."

Baby B: "Oh relax, it ain't like that at all. I can handle myself just fine, thank you very much. Besides I think he gets some satisfaction knowing I'm doing this without your approvals. I'm seeing him again, by the way. Might have some leads."

*She smiles a bit and Kid A rounds on her.*

Kid A: "Don't antagonize me, BB. Not right now, that's the last thing I need."

*She gets in his face and he sternly shakes his head.*

Baby B: "Yeah? I think that's the only thing you need. I think you're getting a bit too distracted for your own good. Others are even finishing your matches for you. Oh and how were those Mexican girls, huh? Did you even watch what else was going on aside from my part in it obviously. You're supposed to be scoping out the competition with me for the Rumble and I find you in the barrio cavorting. Instead of looking to what I'm doing you should be more involved with what you're not."

*He looks away to abuse the vending machine some more when she slaps him to get his attention. He almost growls and glares at her through his disheveled hair and she giggles then becomes stoic.*

Baby B: "Who are you fighting tonight?"

Kid A: "The Depraved Giant."

Baby B: "Oh I hear that guy's a big tough deal around here. He tougher than you?"

Kid A: "No."

Baby B: "He's a monster or some such. Got a real good reputation. What you gonna do to this alleged beast?"

Kid A: "Show him what depraved really means."

Baby B: "That's right. Everyone wants to be the big bad wolf but they all forget that it always loses in the end. What is our goal tonight and always?"

Kid A: "To win."

Baby B: "What?"

Kid A: "WIN."

Baby B: "Good. Now be a dear and cool off by taking care of that snooping cameraman for me. Then we can go get ready."

*Kid A grabs the vending machine with one hand and knocks it over. It falls with a loud crash and spills some of its drinks out. Baby B picks one up and drinks as Kid A looks at the camera with wild eyes and the shot shakes. The cameraman catches Kid A approaching him so he turns and runs away. We cut to ringside where Rhys Trebain and Ken Camaro are trying to hold in their laughter over their production partner.*
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Regaining Focus
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