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 First an ugly, Now a clown

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PostSubject: First an ugly, Now a clown   Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:12 pm

*The camera fades backstage to Sarah Lane who is standing in from of the IWA sign with a microphone in her hand by her mouth*

Sarah Lane: "Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Swagger D"

*The camera turns a bit to the right making sure Swagger D is in the video
Sarah Lane opens her mouth to say something but Swagger D holds his hand up interrupting her*

Swagger D: "I am sorry, babe but that aint the way I am supposed to be introduced!
I am the future of this company...
Dont just call me Swagger D"

Sarah Lane: "My apologies!
I just wanted to get some comments about your match tonight against Sharkey Jaws"

*Swagger D looks confused as Sarah Lane passes the microphone to Swagger D
Swagger D grabs the microphone and puts it by his mouth*

Swagger D: "2 weeks ago, they give me an ugly piece of trash as my opponent and tonight they give me a god damn clown?
and you want my comments on that?
Are you serious right now?
You know this show has become a joke these days
and they want me to be their jokers...
But guess what?
I aint rollin like that
Who the hell names themselves Sharkey?
If you are that much of a shark lover then go live in the ocean somewhere
He is not made for this Sharkey just like El Boaro
El Boaro first lost to me and got a fluke win against the legend
You're welcome El!
So that basically makes me the top man at the fatal 4 way match
Tonight is just gonna be a little fun time for me...
Sharkey aint got no guts to beat me
He is just another managing puppet
Funny how he thinks he is ready for a match tonight against me but the truth is he can never actually be ready to fight me
No ego just stating out the facts"

Sarah Lane: "So do you believe you can beat Hysteric for the title or whoever will win at the Ultimate War Games?"

Swagger D: "Hold On, Hold on
There is no whoever...
You really think that jackass Muttley could ever be champion?
Just imagine him with a title on his shoulder
He would look ridiculous caz he isnt made to be a champion,
He doesnt deserve a title
He is just another trash that the company has to carry
People like him shouldn't even be in this business
You should do something thats suits you and something that you're good at
If they're not good at anything then they can start cleaning up toilets in my neighbourhood!
and this is no jokes!
Two dollars for every toilet cleaned
Worth it for a talentless person like Muttley or El Boaro or Sharkey Jaws or even your boy, hurricane
You know you actually deserve more than that little douche!

*Sarah Lane removes the smile off her face*

Sarah Lane: "umm thank you?"

Swagger D: "Yes...
you're welcome!
Now, if you please excuse me I gotta plan how bad beating should I give to Sharkey Jaws"

*Sarah Lane moves aside as Swagger D walks by her
The camera fades back to the ring*

OOC: Think I should point this out...
This is just how my character is, a trash talker! No insult is meant to be offensive. So hope no one is getting mad at my RPs Razz
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First an ugly, Now a clown
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