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 Sarah Lane interviews the World Champion (Closed)

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PostSubject: Sarah Lane interviews the World Champion (Closed)   Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:37 am

*The cameras cut backstage where Sarah Lane is standing ready with a microphone in hand*

Sarah: "Ladies and gentlemen i am standing here now with the IWA World Heavyweight Champion."

*The crowd cheer as the camera pans over to see Romulus standing next to Sarah wearing a Washington Redskins football jersey*

Sarah: "Romulus, over the past few weeks we have all seen the back and forth between you and Sean Pain. It started 4 weeks ago in your match against Kid A when Alice Wonder came out to ringside and distracted the referee while Sean Pain shocked the IWA universe by jumping out of the crowd and attacked you from behind dropping the Dead Man's Hand and costing you the match.... only 14 days after coming out to the ring and shaking your hand in front of the whole crowd.... but tonight, you have a match against him. How do you feel?"

*Romulus is about to speak but is interrupted by the chants of the crowd that can be heard backstage*

Crowd: "Romulus... Romulus... Romulus... Romulus... Romulus..."

Romulus: "At last... the champ... has arrived... in Washington D... C....!!!"

*The crowd erupt in cheers as Romulus waits until they settle before he replies to Sarahs question*

Romulus: "Sean Pain.... tonight is the night! Tonight is the night that i make you pay for your mistakes. Tonight is the night that i teach you a very valuable lesson in respect."

*The crowd can be heard cheering loudly*

Romuls: "You see Sean, at Meltdown you returned to IWA after a season long absence through injury and we went on to have one of the greatest matches in IWA history for this.... the most coveted prize in IWA."

*The crowd cheer as Romulus holds up his title*

Romulus: "The IWA World Heavyweight Chamionship.... and what a belt it is. Crafted by the finest workmen and goldsmiths in Rome.... a championship belt truly fit for a real champion.... and maybe that is just the problem here Sarah. You get me?"

Sarah: "No... im not quite sure i do.""

*Minerva cuts in*

Minerva: "Well maybe the reason Sean came out and attacked Romulus in the first place is that he is jealous."

Sarah: "Jealous?"

Minerva: "What else could it be? I mean, lets take a look at the situation. Until War Games III both Sean and Romulus held the record for longest championship reigns for their respective titles.... Sean with the Extreme Championship and Romulus with the Heavyweight Championship.... but when Perry Jenkins beat Sean for the title and then with Mutley they both beat Sean up so bad he missed the entire following season, maybe he got jealous. Just maybe he was sitting at home, watching Romulus calling out the guys who attacked him, watching Romulus continue his reign as the longest reigning champion in the history of our company and watching Romulus in the spotlight of IWA."

Sarah: "If thats the case, then why would he come out and shake his hand?"

Romulus: "Sarah, there is an old Latin saying... "Custodite amicis vestris claudere sed custodiat inimicos vestros propius"... it means keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer."

Sarah: "So Minerva, is that why you surprised everyone with your return last week... to watch Romulus's back? Are you back for good?"

Minerva: "I have returned to IWA for as long as Romulus sees fit. As long as Alice Wonder wants to interfere in Romulus's matches to assist Sean in attacking him, i will be here... and they will too."

Sarah: "They? Who are they?"

*All of the sudden Romulus can be seen to smile as he starts to walk out of shot as the cameras follow. Two familiar faces from the past can be seen walking into shot as the one walks over and gives Romulus a big hug followed by the man who shakes Romulus's hand*

Minerva: "They... are Venus and Mercury."

Sarah: "Wow, i cant believe what im seeing here... Is this the return of The Senate?"

Mercury: "This is simply three friends coming together to ensure that Alice Wonder does not interfere in tonights title match."

Venus: "Alice Wonder, it was because of you that Romulus lost his match against Kid A. It was because of you that his match against TDG ended as a No Contest. You have caused more trouble than your worth Alice... but it all ends from here on out."

*The crowd cheer in support*

Romulus: "Tonight Sean, i aim to finish this. I aim to finish what you started. Tonight.... im going to beat you to within an inch of your life.... that much is clear. See Sean, tonight we do it again, one on one, mano e mano, for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship.... but whats not clear is in what kind of match? Now last week, our General Manager Alana Alexander made the decision to leave that up to the IWA universe.... with the choices being an Ambulance match.... "

*The crowd cheer at the thought of an Ambulance match*

Romulus: "A Last Man Standing match...."

*The crowd cheer at the prospect of a Last Man Standing match*

Romulus: "or a Steel Cage match."

*The crowd cheer at the idea of a Steel Cage match*

Romulus: "So you see Sean, either way, i get to get my hands on you.... and your going to pay.... right here.... in Washington DC!!!"

*The crowd cheer full of hometown pride and start to chant out the champions name*

Crowd: "Romulus.... Romulus.... Romulus.... Romulus.... Romulus...."

Romulus: "And as sure as in 1791, this great city was formed and named after a great man to serve as a capitol of this nation, i am going to to go out there tonight and win my match and walk out of this arena tonight still the IWA Heavyweight Champion... in front of the thousands...."

*On cue the crowd jump in*

Crowd: "AND THOUSANDS...."

Romulus: "of the champs fans, and i will go on to continue to serve this great company that is International Wrestling Association as YOUR WORLD CHAMPION!!!""

*The crowd cheer as Romulus hands the mic to Mercury*

Mercury: "And Alice, if you do try to interfere in tonights match, Minerva and Venus will be waiting."

*Mercury hands Sarah the microphone as the four walk off*

Sarah: "And if havnt voted yet, its ok cause the polls are still open. If you have an iphone or an android you can download the IWA app and then vote from there or if your near a computer, then just go to the and follow the links. Back to you guys at the announce desk."

*The cameras fade out and cut back to ringside where Rhys and Alex are waiting to call the next match*

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Sarah Lane interviews the World Champion (Closed)
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