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 Bford wants to make a statement (Early in the show, way before the Ladder Match)

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PostSubject: Bford wants to make a statement (Early in the show, way before the Ladder Match)   Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:57 pm

*The crowd is going wild cheering at the events they've seen up till now, suddenly the lights go off as the the crowd is in an uproar of excitement. Then the following words are heard.*

Bford: I'm gonna Whoop. That. Ass!

*The lights turn back on as "Earthquake" by Labyrinth begins to play Bford comes running out with a blue and white jacket with the words "Mr. 24/7" on the back in bold white letters. Bford stands looking around the crowd raising his title in the air then drops his fist down as fireworks go off. Bford runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He then hops on the turnbuckle and sits down putting his title on his lap, raising the mic to his lips*

Bford: Hellooooooo IWA Universe! For those of you who are living under a rock.... I am... The Most Charismatic Man in the IWA. Future Hall of Famer and Future World Heavyweight Champion... The Innovatoooooor of Greatness... Mr. Termination.... Mr. 24/7... and Your IWA TERMINATION CHAMPION.....B........FOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!!!

*Bford looks around at the crowdand sees a sign saying "Whoop Their Asses" He chuckles looking at the sign*

Bford: If you guys are ready for the rumble... give me a HELL YEAH

*Bford raises the mic as the crowd shout in unison*

Crowd: HELL YEAH!!!

Bford: Tonight I will face one of my biggest challenges in my entire career... A fatal four way ladder match in which the winner becomes the first ever Extreme Termination Champion! Tonight I prove to everyone that my career is no fluke and that I'm a real Champion... Tonight I will also win the Rumble and go on to face either Romulus or Sean pain for the World Heavyweight Champion, becoming the first ever to have two Championship belts! Tonight...the world becomes a part of The Era Of Greatness!...

*The crowd chants "Bford's Greatness... Bford's Greatness!"He jumps off the turnbuckle pacing around*

Bford: On September 20th, 1975, my grandfather became the first african american wrestler to ever win the International Title and World Heavyweight championship on the same night... December 5th, 1994, my father became a 10 time World Heavyweight Champion... so you see... it is in my blood and tonight on February 10, 2013 I will carry on my family's legacy and show the world what I'm made of! Tonight, 19 and I REPEAT...

Crowd: 19!

Bford: 19 men will be defeated... because I AM THE INNOVATOOOOOOOR of GREATNESS! And Tonight I'm gonna WHOOP THAT ASS!!!!

*He drops the mic and exits the ring raising his title into the air as the crowd goes wild, the camera then fades*
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Bford wants to make a statement (Early in the show, way before the Ladder Match)
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